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About Me

Pronunciation: chel-see, kuh-leen-go

Pronouns: she/her/they/them

Intersectional Identities: Filipina, first-generation student

Current position: Program Assistant at Harvey Mudd College


  • B.S. Applied Math in Computer Science, 2016

  • M. Ed. Higher Education Administration and Policy, 2022

What do I do as a Program Assistant?

At Harvey Mudd College, the CS Department has grown and continues to grow in size! With that growth comes more administrative tasks and various responsibilities that our faculty have previously done, which is where I come in. As program assistant, I am helping consolidate related tasks such as administrative "Grutoring" management, student community and outreach, and other tasks that are in need of extra hands. Feel free to view my LinkedIn profile for more info!

Professional goals:

  • Contribute to diverse and equitable workplaces to transform higher education to be inclusive.

  • I have an interest working in academic affairs, counseling and working in an administrative capacity. I enjoy helping and assisting others to realize their full potential and see myself working with students in small group settings or one-on-one.

Fun facts:

  • I consider myself a mechanical keyboard hobbyist and can build, lube, solder, and do general modding on keyboards.

  • I do enjoy videogames and am very good with the Monster Hunter series.

  • I enjoy reading fantasy, sci-fi, and fiction novels. Sometimes I have the itch to read non-fiction books about psychology, science, politics, and education. Check out the "Reading" section on books related to higher education.

Last Updated: 11/27/2022