Anne Pro 2

Figure 1. The AP2, a beginner's board.

This was my first mechanical keyboard. I got it in the black color and messed around with it to turn it into Figure 1 (but right now there are different keycaps).  The board came with Cherry MX Brown switches, which I am not a fan of after trying other tactile switches.

I still appreciate how this board incorporated a "magic fn" button, which turned me towards QMK since it can do the same function but better. The magic fn button was holding Caps Lock to activate another layer, which in QMK is the LT(kc, layer) function. 

The board overall wasn't that great, especially the BT capabilities since it would sometimes bug out and spam letters. To be honest, bluetooth is just awful anyways.

The software for this apparently gets flagged for malware since it logs keystrokes lol. There are resources online though to reflash this board to have QMK firmware and avoid the software specific to this board, but I could never make that work.