Command 65

Figure 1. Command 65 with a Magikarp artisan keycap. The artisan was a gift and this was the only keyboard that could match it in color.

I was inspired by the Apple+ TV show Severance, which is a great thought experiment on work-life balance while also commenting on the unfair treatment of the average retail/factory worker. Just my opinion. The show is not completely about that and I recommend watching it without knowing more.

Figure 2. Lumon property! There is no "Esc" key. Source: 

The Command 65 is inspired by the Commodore 64. Sure I'm about a decade younger than the Commodore 64 but I can appreciate the hell out of it. Figure 3 is a picture I took of my department's collection of--dare I say--antique computer equipment (people in my department were around for this keyboard). The accompanying text on the description card says:

Introduced: January 1982

OS: Commodore KERNAL

Onboard RAM: 64 KB

ROM: 20 KB

CPU: MOS Technology 6510

CPU speed: 1 MHz

16 color graphics

Original price: $60

The Commodore 64, with 16 color graphics, was much cheaper than its competitors at the time, making it one of the best selling machines of all time. The machine used a VIC.-20 chip operating system and was very easy to use.

Figure 3.  Commodore 64. I absolutely want to clean it up and take care of it.