Figure 1.  The damapad!

Sometimes referred to as the "Bongopad" when the LED screen features bongo cat. This is a solder macropad with the option of soldering a rotary encoder, which of course I included. It's pretty unique in design and quite rare. The vendor that makes this macropad have drops every now and then.

Right now, my damapad features mill-max hotswap sockets, which turns solder-only PCBs into hotswappable PCBs where you can take switches out whenever you want. I suck at soldering.

The top artisan is an exclusive keycap from Keeb Life 2022 and the bottom artisan is GMK Honor Katana RAMA.

I don't find macropads too useful. I have a decent typing speed (110 to 120 wpm average) and I like having weird macro combos on my main keyboard.