Freebird TKL

Figure 1. It's a nice display piece of a normal looking board, imo.

At first I was unhappy with this board before even receiving it. Group buys are complicated things that I feel like have changed definition over time. The Freebird TKL came in at around $230 when I joined it, but it has been almost a year since joining. Other boards have since come out with better price points and better design, while also being delivered within a reasonable time frame. This board promised to be out around March/April 2022, and yet it didn't come in until late 2022.

Now that I have it, I think it's okay. It's a good backup board to have and let others use. Nothing too special about it in my opinion, other than the use of an o-ring mount. 

I was promised an "extreme" bouncy feel but it doesn't seem as super flexible as my Zoom TKL. The idea of a soft typing feel doesn't really make sense to me though, but I feel like there might be some softness to it. I can't be sure if it's actually the switches that make it lighter. I don't normally bang on my keyboard to necessitate the board to get bouncy.

Figure 1 has the Kinetic Labs hippo keycaps on them with Boba U4T switches. 

Bonus: I do wonder if the board is inspired, somehow, by the song. I could look into the history of this board but I think it's more fun if I believe it to be based on the song. To me, Freebird makes me think of the below video. Take what you will from it :)