KBDcraft Adam Kit

Figure 1. It's a blank canvas to customize with more lego bricks :)

The Adam kit is made with a lego-style case. My partner is really into legos so I got this for him to build. While it is a novelty and it sounds very satisfying to type with because it sounds like Lego bricks from the videogames, he unfortunately doesn't use it much because he prefers to have his "volume knob" that was on the Keychron Q1.

Which makes me want to talk about QMK, because I did program this board to have volume up and volume down that he is not aware of.

QMK is a firmware for keyboards that allows greater customization of your keymap. There's two main programs out there to help make creating your keymap easier, called VIA and VIAL. Otherwise, you can try to make sense of the QMK Documentation and code your own keymap in C.

I would like to do this one day, but as a good mathematician does, if a resource (analogous to a theorem, collary, etc.) exists out there to do it for me (analogous to how said theorems, collary, etc. already establish something I don't need to explain), then why not be efficient and use what already exists? I hope that makes sense. My mindset likes to think, "Someone out there made the thing for me to make my life easier, might as well use it." Math is essentially learning those tools and strategies to make the math logic easier. Hence, VIA/VIAL exist to make my life easier. 

I just wish to have even more control over what my keyboards can do. Perhaps learning how to code my own keymap can do this. But like... it's in C...